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Uncover The Human Body: An Uncover It Book

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Uncover The Human Body An Uncover It

Silver Dolphin Press

Author: Luann Colombo / Jennifer Fairman
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Kids love Uncover The Human Body: An Uncover It Book by Luann Colombo / Jennifer Fairman. The author is Luann Colombo / Jennifer Fairman and it was published by Silver Dolphin Press. The was released sometime in January of 2003. The children's book is 16 pages long. Some folks proclaim they never have enough time to read, however reading can also be a superb use of time, especially with the appropriate book.

Filled with interesting facts and information, this book gives a complete strategy to teaching young children about anatomy and functions employing the human physique. Children will learn why bones can bend without breaking, how blood travels thru the physique and protects against germs, how diverse parts of the brain controls different functions with the body and what smoking does to your lungs. Beginning with all of the dermal system each layer addresses the skeletal system, digestive system, urinary system, circulatory system, repiratory system, muscular system, and nervous method.


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