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Owl Puke, The Book

Reviews 4 Stars
Owl Puke The Book

Workman Publishing Company

Author: Jane Hammerslough

Kids love this cool book. The author is Jane Hammerslough and it was published sometime in 2003 by Workman Publishing Company. The book is mostly about Owls and it is deemed wonderful juvenile literature. When you're in the library you can quite possibly search for it with the Dewey Decimal number, QL696.S83 H36 2004. The child's biology book has 92 pages and it has numerous colorfully illustrated pictures. Owl puke is every young naturalist's guide to anatomy, ecology, adaptation, owl myths, and more. It's dimensions are 7.09"H x 7.01"L x 1.57"W and it weighs just about 0.51 lbs.

Kids love science-especially when it's hands-on-and kids love yucky stuff. The package contains a tray to hold the bones and a chart to assist identify the pellet's contents. What is an owl pellet? It's a hoot. And what a story the Owl Puke Book tells--of the food chain, animal anatomy, life inside the forest; of a bird that could study the bottom line of an eye chart from one mile away; and of a fierce hunter that swallows its prey headfirst and digests everything but the bones, which it spits back up in a pellet. The Owl Puke Book and Owl Pellet brings the best of those two worlds together in a distinct package that follows directly in the tradition of The Bug Book and Bug Bottle and The Bones Book and Skeleton (which together have 3. As for the story the pellet tells, kids need only a toothpick to find out. It's the football-shaped object regurgitated twice per day by owls, which contains the skeleton of at least a single owl meal, be it a mouse, vole, shrew, or small bird. Used in elementary schools to teach the food web--but virtually unavailable at retail--a professionally collected, heat-sterilized owl pellet is now married to a lively, two-color illustrated book filled with facts and related activities about these most amazing birds. 3 million copies in print ).


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