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How To Clean A Hippopotamus: A Look At Unusual Animal Partnerships

How To Clean A Hippopotamus: A Look4 Star Rating
How To Clean A Hippopotamus A Look
How To Clean A Hippopotamus: A Look At Unusual Animal Partnerships

Kids love How To Clean A Hippopotamus: A Look. The author is Robin Page / Steve Jenkins and it is published by Sandpiper. The child's book went on sale sometime in 2013. The book is 32 pages long. To obtain your very own copy of this book for your kids, click on the shopping cart add to cart button on this page.

What's How To Clean A Hippopotamus: A Look concerning? clean hippopotamus look unusual animal partnerships

Price: $3.42
Brand: Sandpiper
ISBN: 0547994842
Author: Robin Page / Steve Jenkins

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How to Clean a Hippopotamus, a book about animal symbiosis, offers readers a close-up, step-by-step view of nature's fascinating partnerships. Find out why a mongoose comes running when a warthog lies down, how a crab and an iguana aid each other out, why ravens follow wolves, and significantly much more. Witness the ingenious lifestyles of a number of in the world's most unusual animal partners in this book of curious biology, a symbiotic collaboration by Steve Jenkins and Robin Page.

Product Description What does a water buffalo see in an egret? Why would a badger want a coyote for company? Drawing upon the style with the graphic novel, they will use a series of illustrative frames from different points of view to illuminate just why that water buffalo and egret need each other, exactly how that badger and coyote work together, and also the unbelievable manner in which the horse mackeral and man-of-war lend each other a helping hand. But in addition to the husband and wife team's trademark style of cut paper illustrations and fascinating text, they will also cover new artistic ground. Quid pro quo has never appear very like this! In this fascinating picture book, Steve Jenkins and Robin Page explore these and numerous other instances of mutualism: the mutually beneficial symbiotic relationships that could possibly be found everywhere inside the animal kingdom. What makes a horse mackerel feel he can hang about using a Portugese man-of-war---and live to tell about it?

Amazon Exclusive: A Letter from Steve Jenkins and Robin Page, Authors of How to Clean a HippopotamusDear Amazon Reader,Robin and I keep a file of animal facts and images that have caught our attention for 1 reason or another. - Steve Jenkins and Robin Page But many symbiotic relationships are characterized by a kind of tit-for-tat, back and forth interaction. As authors and illustrators, our favorite symbiotic relationship might be the cooperative hunting behavior from the coyote and badger (unfortunately, it often turns out badly for the prairie dogs they hunt ). Quite a couple of children's books happen to be written about symbiosis. This recommended a distinct approach towards the subject--one that could show a series of moments in time. We also hoped that this approach might appeal to some of those slightly older readers who've left picture books behind and moved on to chapter books. Most of our books about animals have the same basic structure: a portrait and a paragraph or two of explanatory text. We thought that a graphic-novel format may possibly be an interesting method to cope with sequences of images. We decided to focus on mutualism, a symbiotic connection in which all the participants benefit. In these books a single image represents 1 moment in time inside the life of an animal. As participants, the human/dog connection is definitely our favorite. Once we began actually researching the subject, however, we found a excellent deal of fascinating relationships that we'd never come across in a children's book. At some point we realized that we'd accumulated a lot of specifics about animal symbiosis, and we believed it would be fun to execute a book on the subject.

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  • Pages: 32
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